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Conflict resolution & mediation services
for personal disputes, divorce, workplace conflicts & more

Conflict consulting and mediation offers a collaborative approach to finding a solution that works for all parties.

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Conflict management


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Empowerment through Resolution

Mediation is the process where a neutral third party called a mediator assists disputing parties in finding a mutually acceptable solution to their disagreement. The mediator does not impose a solution but instead facilitates communication between the parties, helping them explore their interests and find common ground. Together we will generate a variety of options before deciding on a mutually acceptable settlement through a confidential process that works towards understanding the underlying emotional and psychological dimensions of conflict. For instance, clients opting for divorce mediation often save tens of thousands of dollars compared to those who pursue litigation. 


Conflict comes in all forms, and we are here to help create resolutions that ease tensions. Conflict resolution techniques allow the needs of all parties to be addressed, have their concerns be taken seriously, and have control over the process. Where litigation is win/lose, risky, and often irreparably damaging to relationships, we aim to resolve conflicts in ways that are positive, productive, devoid of uncertainty, and leave you feeling respected and heard.

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